When best to take your PEA


Take a dose in the morning when you first wake up. Take another during your  mid afternoon slump. Take it at least one hour either side of food.


Minute by Minute Account


Following administration of: Diazepam, Vinpocetine, Racetams and a small amount of Hordenine. (an MAO-I)

By: Kagalive

This trip report will be posted on to http://www.erowid.com so keep an eye out for it.

  • T0:00 – 3.5 Grams of PEA ingested. (Pure 99.98% claimed)
  • T0:01 – Minor placebo effects, shallow breathing and slightly increased HR
  • T0:02 – Continuation of prior effects. Slightly more pronounced but nothing major
  • T0:03 – Mind a little spacey, very minor brain fog. Consuming Caffeine energy drink, Including Guarana, Ginseng, Taurine and Vitamin B Complex.
  • T0:04 – Took a fish oil tablet
  • T0:05 – Minor motivational increase and increase in excitement levels
  • T0:06 – Further slight increase of inititial placebo effects
  • T0:07 – Minor OCD like symptoms slowly emerging – compulsion to do things and monitor self-mental activities is increased. Excitement further building.
  • T0:08 – Starting to hyper salivate. Beginning to lose feeling in my feet.
  • T0:09 – Initital verge starting. In transition stage – beginning to feel heady and more alert. Intelligence subjectively increasing. Typing speed observably increasing and typographical error margins are down to a minimum. (Around 75WPM 98% Accuracy rating is estimated)
  • T0:10 – Come on about to commence, like a roller coaster just taking off and climbing the first very steep incline before racing down and around hair-pin turns, loop-the-loops and the like. Also like an express train accelerating to maximum velocity. Or, like a rocket preparing for lift-off.
  • T0:11 – Engines engaging. Preparing for launch. All Systems Go – Ready for full experience. Very excited about the possibilities of this experience
  • T0:12 – Beginning of radical brain transformation – conversion to invincible state imminent. Approaching full-come on. Heart Rate elevated, minor bruxism (clenched teeth observed) Loss of all feeling in lower legs and feet. Blood pressure probably up but currently no way of evaluating. Estimated HR of around 120-130 BPM.
  • T0:13 – Heart Rate feels heavy in chest. Adrenaline pumping. HR variability estimated at ranging from 75-140 BPM. Excitement reaching zenith/pinnacle levels.
  • T0:14 – The roller coaster is nearing the peak before it comes racing down at inertia building and record breaking speeds. Feels like I’m about to go on the ride of a life time. Extreme feeling of excitement and anticipation. Focus and concentration as well as motivation dramatically improved.
  • T0:15 – Beginning of the true come on of the experience. Start of the full body and mind tingling rush like injecting a street drug like Amphetamine. Neuronal firing seems in intense overload. Brain flying with ideas. Hypo-Manic state observable.
  • T0:16 – Time passing/speed seems increased. Time is flying. Constantly compelled to type more and more into this record in the vain hope of it being of any use to someone. Proud of myself. No regrets – C’est La Vie, Enlightening Nothing Matters and One With the Universe Feeling.
  • T0:17 – Hypo-manic state increasing. Slowly approaching Hyper-Mania. HR increasing further and pounding in my chest. Loss of all feeling in my feet. Minor brain-beating head rushes. Euphoric drive. Synergistic stimulated state observed.
  • T0:18 – Feel my pulse in my forehead, quite pleasurable. Rollercoaster beginning descent.
  • T0:19 – Excitement levels approaching peak. Mild nausea observed. Mild gastro-intestinal upset observed. Mild stomach ache but enjoyable feeling throughout entire body.
  • T0:20 – Reaching beginning of peak of experience. Brain shooting into overdrive. Intense euphoria and body and mind rushes.
  • T0:21 – Intensity still building. Observable increase in euphoric state.
  • tbc



0-10 Minutes: Placebo effect and increased excitement, blood pressure and HR
10-15 Minutes: Verge of transition to full high
15-25 Minutes: Complete Come Up/Coming on effects
25-40 Minutes: Zenith/Acme peak of experience
40-50 Minutes: Slow degradation of effects towards baseline
50-90 Minutes: Quite taxing, difficult come-down period
90-120 Minutes: Complete return to baseline/normal functioning

If taken in excess of 20 grams per day:

150-180 Minutes: Pass out/mass fatigue – Sleep Inititation (for about 20 minutes)

Also note: If the side effects are too much to handle consider taking 2-3 grams (2000-3000mg) of Phenibut. Phenibut is a PEA antagonist and can help reduce the severity of any observed effects and also assist with sleeping through the come-down. If taken in excess of 3-5 Grams it will cause a massive hang-over so you have been warned.

If you experience nausea consider taking an antacid prior to administration (20 minutes prior). If you experience headaches take acetimanophen/pacetamaol 1 gram max 45 minutes prior to dosing. This drug can cause severe dehydration so be sure to stock up on at least 1 Litre of Water before hand.

This drug is an appetite suppressant and metabolic booster so can aid in weight loss. It can also improve mood dramatically when taken in 250-500mg per day. It will also help you stay motivated and alert and is useful in Examinations/Testing environments. It is a performance enhancing drug often referred to as a Mental Steroid (Although it is not hormonal based, nor is it considered part of the anti-doping act, Australia 2012).


If you are an athlete please consult your drug/doping laws prior to consumption. This drug may cause false-positive results on Amphetamine/Opiate/THC related drug tests. (Urine and / or blood concentration).


None of these statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, United States of America (FDA-USA).
This is for informational purposes and is in no way supposed to be medical advice. USE at your own risk. You have been warned!

Latest Update – Efficacy Time Period


Generally speaking PEA takes 10-20 minutes to come on. You will remain high for about 45 minutes then experience a 10-30 minute come down. Despite the urge to redose it’s important you refrain from this as increased dosages can dramatically increase Brain-NOS levels to toxic amounts. This may also cause Dopamine Receptor Down-Regulation and in long term use and abuse lead to severe anxiety, depression and OCD or Schizophrenia.

If you suffer from any mental illness especially Bi-Polar disorder don’t take this as it can cause extreme hyper-mania. Note: If you suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) this can prove very useful at increasing your focus and attention. It can also increase motivation by up to 3000x.

DO NOT EXCEED a MAXIMUM DOSE of 5 Grams per day. Be sure to take at least 2 days off per week to prevent tolerance build-up.




I hope this helps you discover the true potency of this surprisingly legal powerful amphetamine derivative substance.


Peace, Love, Hugs and Namaste,

Your new found friend,



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